COVID-19 & Holiday Mail Delivery

LetterStream blog
It has been a while since our last COVID-19 update, but that’s because nothing much has changed in our protocols or a capability to process mail.  Our systems remain strong despite large increases in web traffic and our team remains healthy because of the many safety measures that we’ve been operating under.

We do have some concerns however about how the United States Postal Service will keep up with the increase in mail volume this December.  There are large increases in package deliveries this year as shoppers avoid stores and shop online due to the Cornavirus.  These packages will take up truck and delivery vehicle space and may limit the amount of mail or the speed at which mail can be delivered.  We are already seeing our inbound freight shipments being delayed.  That said, we encourage all our customers to send mail early this year for timely delivery.

While not promoted heavily on our website, we do offer electronic delivery of documents in the event you have email addresses for your recipients.  If interested, please contact our support staff or your sales representative.