A laptop computer with the United States Postal Service logo and words across it with the words new usps price increase on the side

A New Postage Increase Begins in July

The United States Postal Service will increase prices for the second time this year. On July 14, 2024, the cost of a First-Class stamp will rise by five cents.

Unfortunately, this was inevitable as the timing of the new prices is consistent with the USPS twice-a-year postage increase. If you recall, back in January the first 2024 postage increase took place and now here we are again, mid-year, with another. This also happened back in 20212022 and 2023 so it’s not surprising that 2024 is any different.

July 2024 USPS Postage Price Increase

Effective July 14, 2024, the cost of mailing letters, packages, and other USPS services will climb. This next postage increase is part of USPS’s ongoing efforts to balance its budget and cover rising operational expenses. While the exact changes will depend on the type of mail you send, it’s clear that everyone from businesses to individual mailers will feel the impact. It’s crucial to stay informed about these changes so you can adjust your budget and mailing strategies accordingly. By planning ahead for the United States Postal Service postage increase and exploring cost-saving options, you can minimize the financial impact and keep your mailing operations running smoothly.

Postage Prices

Let’s start by talking about how this will look for our current customers. Since USPS postage is rising, we’ve updated our pricing to reflect that. Below you will find what each type of mailing will cost you going forward.

LetterStream’s New Postage Price Increase:

  • First-Class postage is increasing by $0.05, meaning a First-Class letter will start at $1.18
  • Flats are going up $0.21 and will now start at $2.54
  • Certified Mail (without Electronic Return Receipt) is going up $0.45, plus an extra $0.05 for the First-Class postage increase and that will result in a new price of 7.84 (without ERR) per letter
  • Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt Add-On is going up $0.30 which puts our total increase of $0.80 more per letter. New base price of Certified Mail with ERR is $9.96
  • Express Postcards are increasing by $0.03 making the new price $0.81
  • PRO Postcards will increase the same amount as First-Class postage, which is $0.05, making the new price $1.20 per postcard
  • Marketing Mail will go up by $0.03, making the new starting price $1.04
  • International Letters are going up $0.10, along with a $0.05 surcharge making the new starting price $2.68
  • Registered Mail will have a new starting price of $33.68
  • Extra Ounces (Letters) is going up to $0.28
  • Extra Ounces (Flats) is going up to $0.27

Other Notable Postage Price Increases in July:

  • First-Class postage increase for letters (1 oz.) is going from $0.68 up to $0.73
  • First-Class Flats postage is going up from $1.39 up to $1.50
  • Certificate of Mailing per letter is going from $2.00 up to $2.20
  • First-Class Mail Forever Stamp is going from $0.68 up to $0.73
  • First-Class Metered Mail is going from $0.64 up to $0.69

Why Is It Important to Know About the USPS Postage Rate Increase?

Being in the know about the upcoming US postage stamp increase is crucial for smart planning and smooth operations. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Budget Planning: For businesses that rely heavily on sending physical mail for billing or communication purposes, postage costs are a significant budget line item. Understanding the new rates allows you to adjust your budget accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses.
  2. Mailing Strategy: Higher postage rates might impact the volume and frequency of your mailings. Knowing about the increase ahead of time gives you the opportunity to reassess your mailing strategy. You might even consider exploring bulk mailing options.
  3. Customer Communication: Transparency is key in customer relationships. If your business will be passing on some of the increased costs to your clients, it’s important to communicate these changes clearly and in advance to maintain trust.
  4. Operational Adjustments: Organizations that send a large volume of mail might need to make operational adjustments to accommodate the increased costs. This could involve exploring printing and mailing solutions that can help utilize the entire process for you, which in the end can save you time and money, even with USPS prices increasing.

LetterStream’s Commitment to Your Mailing Needs

LetterStream is dedicated to helping you navigate these changes with ease and no we’re not just saying that. We know it’s frustrating with the cost of just about everything still on the rise and our advanced mailing solutions and expert team are here to ensure your mailing operations remain smooth and cost-effective. We offer a range of services designed to optimize your mailing processes, from the ability to easily upload your job in 2 minutes or less with no trips to the post office through First-Class Mailflat envelope mailing and postcards to easily being able to track Certified Mail or FedEx 2Day from right inside of your account.

Send Your Mail Electronically

Ok, so let’s look at another angle. With the cost of postage rising bi-annually, you may be thinking about sending your statements, notices and other forms of mail communication electronically. Well, if that’s something you’re considering you’re in luck. Not only is LetterStream experts in the industry of snail mail but we also offer eDoc Delivery, which is a way to send your documents via email directly through your LetterStream account. This service can be done in place of or in addition to your regular UPSP mailings. To learn more visit our free 24/7 online Chatbot for pricing and next steps.

For more information regarding the July 2024 price increase, visit the USPS website or you can download the list of rate changes here.