LetterStream Makes Donation to the 2024 Code:Red Water Drive

To Donate to the Phoenix Rescue Mission Code:Red, click here.

Let’s start by saying that we’re so excited to be back contributing to the 2024 Code: Red Water Drive for the Phoenix Rescue Mission!

Ok, now for the story.

A longtime customer of ours, Brown Management, had asked us to participate again this year in helping to give back to the Code:Red Heat Relief Water Drive and of course, we said yes!

Phoenix Rescue Mission Code:Red

A stack of cases of water at our print and mailing facility

In case you haven’t heard of it, let’s first dive into who the Phoenix Rescue Mission is and what Code:Red represents.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission’s purpose is to provide life-transforming solutions to people facing hunger, homelessness, addiction and trauma.

Phoenix Rescue Mission Code:Red more specifically helps those who are homeless or less fortunate get access to drinking water during the extreme summer months in Arizona.

Unfortunately, over the last few years the summers have continued to get hotter and hotter.

According to Maricopa County, in 2023 the number of heat-related deaths was 645.

This was up 52% from 2022 which had 425 confirmed deaths and get ready for this, is an 896% increase over the last 10 years.


With that being said, it’s imperative that individuals get adequate amounts of drinking water to stay hydrated and that’s where this water drive comes into play.

Our Core Values

Cases of water bottles on a pallet to be donated from our online print and mail location in Scottsdale

As a company, we live and breathe our internal core values.

One in particular that stands out to us when it comes to this mission is: We believe in the tremendous value of people and that all should be treasured.

We believe it is our duty to treasure all people and to give back when we can, which is why we were thrilled to help Brown Management give back to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, helping them get drinking water into the hands of those in need.

Water Bottles Donated

Pallets of cases of water bottles in the truck to help Phoenix Rescue Mission and Brown, an HOA management community

We want to share how much water LetterStream donated but we’re not sharing to gloat but rather to showcase and celebrate our team members who believe in treasuring people.

This year LetterStream donated 240 cases of water and over 5,760 water bottles that will be dispersed to those who are in need of drinking water.

We couldn’t be more proud. Way to go, team!

A Big Thank You

LetterStream staff standing in our printing and mailing facility next to donated water bottles
A few of our awesome team members!

With that being said, we first want to give a big thank you to our awesome team for helping us treasure people and for donating to this incredible cause.

They came together and made magic happen.

We also want to give a huge thank you to Brown Management for asking us to participate again this year.

Brown is an HOA community management company that uses our services to send their HOA mail, including HOA statements, annual meeting packets, violation letters and more to their homeowners.

We also want to give a big shout-out and thank you to OPACS for supplying the box truck and lift to pick up and help deliver the water bottles that will be donated.

They also helped contribute to the Code:Red as well and we are super grateful for that.

OPACS, which offers office products and custom solutions, is another great long-term customer of ours who uses our print and mail services.

OPACS driving loading in cases of water on a pallet into the truck

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible.

If you want to donate to the Phoenix Rescue Mission Code:Red, you can check them out here.

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A New Postage Increase Begins in July

The United States Postal Service will increase prices for the second time this year. On July 14, 2024, the cost of a First-Class stamp will rise by five cents.

Unfortunately, this was inevitable as the timing of the new prices is consistent with the USPS twice-a-year postage increase. If you recall, back in January the first 2024 postage increase took place and now here we are again, mid-year, with another. This also happened back in 20212022 and 2023 so it’s not surprising that 2024 is any different.

July 2024 USPS Postage Price Increase

Effective July 14, 2024, the cost of mailing letters, packages, and other USPS services will climb. This next postage increase is part of USPS’s ongoing efforts to balance its budget and cover rising operational expenses. While the exact changes will depend on the type of mail you send, it’s clear that everyone from businesses to individual mailers will feel the impact. It’s crucial to stay informed about these changes so you can adjust your budget and mailing strategies accordingly. By planning ahead for the United States Postal Service postage increase and exploring cost-saving options, you can minimize the financial impact and keep your mailing operations running smoothly.

Postage Prices

Let’s start by talking about how this will look for our current customers. Since USPS postage is rising, we’ve updated our pricing to reflect that. Below you will find what each type of mailing will cost you going forward.

LetterStream’s New Postage Price Increase:

  • First-Class postage is increasing by $0.05, meaning a First-Class letter will start at $1.18
  • Flats are going up $0.21 and will now start at $2.54
  • Certified Mail (without Electronic Return Receipt) is going up $0.45, plus an extra $0.05 for the First-Class postage increase and that will result in a new price of 7.84 (without ERR) per letter
  • Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt Add-On is going up $0.30 which puts our total increase of $0.80 more per letter. New base price of Certified Mail with ERR is $9.96
  • Express Postcards are increasing by $0.03 making the new price $0.81
  • PRO Postcards will increase the same amount as First-Class postage, which is $0.05, making the new price $1.20 per postcard
  • Marketing Mail will go up by $0.03, making the new starting price $1.04
  • International Letters are going up $0.10, along with a $0.05 surcharge making the new starting price $2.68
  • Registered Mail will have a new starting price of $33.68
  • Extra Ounces (Letters) is going up to $0.28
  • Extra Ounces (Flats) is going up to $0.27

Other Notable Postage Price Increases in July:

  • First-Class postage increase for letters (1 oz.) is going from $0.68 up to $0.73
  • First-Class Flats postage is going up from $1.39 up to $1.50
  • Certificate of Mailing per letter is going from $2.00 up to $2.20
  • First-Class Mail Forever Stamp is going from $0.68 up to $0.73
  • First-Class Metered Mail is going from $0.64 up to $0.69

Why Is It Important to Know About the USPS Postage Rate Increase?

Being in the know about the upcoming US postage stamp increase is crucial for smart planning and smooth operations. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Budget Planning: For businesses that rely heavily on sending physical mail for billing or communication purposes, postage costs are a significant budget line item. Understanding the new rates allows you to adjust your budget accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses.
  2. Mailing Strategy: Higher postage rates might impact the volume and frequency of your mailings. Knowing about the increase ahead of time gives you the opportunity to reassess your mailing strategy. You might even consider exploring bulk mailing options.
  3. Customer Communication: Transparency is key in customer relationships. If your business will be passing on some of the increased costs to your clients, it’s important to communicate these changes clearly and in advance to maintain trust.
  4. Operational Adjustments: Organizations that send a large volume of mail might need to make operational adjustments to accommodate the increased costs. This could involve exploring printing and mailing solutions that can help utilize the entire process for you, which in the end can save you time and money, even with USPS prices increasing.

LetterStream’s Commitment to Your Mailing Needs

LetterStream is dedicated to helping you navigate these changes with ease and no we’re not just saying that. We know it’s frustrating with the cost of just about everything still on the rise and our advanced mailing solutions and expert team are here to ensure your mailing operations remain smooth and cost-effective. We offer a range of services designed to optimize your mailing processes, from the ability to easily upload your job in 2 minutes or less with no trips to the post office through First-Class Mailflat envelope mailing and postcards to easily being able to track Certified Mail or FedEx 2Day from right inside of your account.

Send Your Mail Electronically

Ok, so let’s look at another angle. With the cost of postage rising bi-annually, you may be thinking about sending your statements, notices and other forms of mail communication electronically. Well, if that’s something you’re considering you’re in luck. Not only is LetterStream experts in the industry of snail mail but we also offer eDoc Delivery, which is a way to send your documents via email directly through your LetterStream account. This service can be done in place of or in addition to your regular UPSP mailings. To learn more visit our free 24/7 online Chatbot for pricing and next steps.

For more information regarding the July 2024 price increase, visit the USPS website or you can download the list of rate changes here.

The Best Option for HOA Printing and Mailing

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful homeowner association (HOA).

It’s the key to keeping residents informed, engaged and satisfied.

Yet, for many HOA managers and community managers, handling the printing and mailing tasks can be daunting. We know this first-hand because we’ve talked to so many homeowner managers and HOA self-managed communities that are doing all of these tasks themselves.

It’s a lot!

However, it doesn’t have to be a lot and this is where specialized HOA printing and mailing services come into play.

These services are designed to streamline the HOA mailing process allowing for timely and professional communication with residents.

Ok, let’s dive a little deeper in the world of HOA printing and mailing services, shall we? We’ll explore some of the benefits, challenges, and key considerations for implementation.

red blocks on brown wooden tableby Tierra Mallorca

Understanding HOA Printing and Mailing Services

HOA printing and mailing services are specialized offerings tailored to the unique needs of homeowner associations. As experts in the industry for over 20 years, specifically working with homeowners associations, property management companies and HOA software companies we know the specifics of what is needed.

Home owners associations encompass a wide range of tasks, from keeping track of the fees due for HOA invoices and organizing events to handling the mailing process of sending out HOA coupons, HOA statements, HOA violation notices, HOA annual meeting notices, HOA ballots and more…you get the point.

The goal of a printing and mailing company specializing in HOA mailings and one of our goals specifically at LetterStream is to alleviate the burden on HOA managers and team members who often juggle multiple responsibilities, at least when it comes to mail.

By outsourcing these tasks to a dedicated company, HOA managers can focus more on strategic planning and community building while ensuring effective communication is maintained.

The Importance of Effective Communication in HOAs

Let’s be honest here. The backbone of a thriving homeowner association is effective communication. It fosters a sense of community, encourages resident participation, and ensures transparency in HOA operations.

There’s also the fact that there are legal requirements for HOAs to provide certain notices and documents to residents. Again, this is done through the communication HOAs have with their communities. These can include meeting announcements, financial reports, invoices and voting materials.

By using a company that understands the industry and HOA printing and mailing services, the HOA communities and HOA community managers can ensure they meet these legal obligations while enhancing their communication strategies.

Challenges in HOA Printing and Mailing

Like we mentioned above, printing and mailing tasks in-house can be a daunting task for HOAs.

One common issue is the time and effort required to handle these tasks. From dealing with invoices and fees due to stuffing envelopes, applying postage and driving the letters to the post office, these tasks can consume significant resources.

Other challenges HOAs face when printing and mailing on their own include:

  • Ensuring accuracy and compliance
  • Time-consuming tasks
  • High costs of equipment and supplies
  • Errors in mailing addresses or content
  • Difficulty in tracking and reporting
  • Compliance with postal regulations and HOA bylaws
  • Resident dissatisfaction

These challenges are not to be taken lightly and can impact the overall efficiency and effectiveness of HOA operations.

Selecting the Right HOA Printing and Mailing Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider is crucial for the success of your HOA’s printing and mailing operations.

Several factors should be considered. These include:

  • Experience in handling HOA printing and mailing tasks
  • A comprehensive range of services, from products to delivery
  • Competitive pricing and bulk mailing options
  • Positive customer reviews and testimonials
  • Understanding the legal and compliance side
top view photo of houses

Benefits of Outsourcing to Specialized Services Through LetterStream

Outsourcing to specialized HOA printing and mailing services can offer several benefits.

Firstly, it can result in significant cost and time savings. These companies have the expertise and equipment to handle large volumes of printing and mailing tasks efficiently.

That is where LetterStream comes into play.

Being experts in the industry for over 20 years we know the ins and outs of what HOAs really need when it comes to their mailing, including the knowledge and understanding of compliance with postal regulations and HOA bylaws.

Not only have we spoken to many community managers, but we’ve also participated in improving our products and services throughout the years to better serve the HOA industry and HOA software companies specifically.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard, “Ugh I dread when it’s time to do mailings. We have to make a whole night of it.” or “We use another company but they take forever to just send out our stuff and the process isn’t simple.”

That’s so frustrating for any HOA and it’s frustrating for us to hear that HOAs have such a hard time getting the services they need and that they end up having to sacrifice their personal and family time to make sure community needs are met.

To sum it up, LetterStream helps you save on your overhead costs of supplies, postage and equipment, along with saving not only your time but the company’s times as well.

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

by Blake Wheeler

Enhancing HOA Operations Through Effective Printing and Mailing Services

HOA printing and mailing services offer numerous benefits. They streamline communication, ensure legal compliance, and save time and resources. These services also enhance community engagement through professional and timely delivery of HOA communications.

Choosing the right service provider is crucial. It’s important to consider their expertise, technology, understanding of HOA mailings and ease of use. A good provider will offer a seamless transition, ongoing support, and services tailored to the HOA’s needs.

To learn more about HOA mailings, click here.

LetterStream helps HOA communities print and mail violation letters, statements, annual meeting notices and anything else an HOA may need through First-Class Mail, Certified Mail, postcards and FedEx 2Day.

Choosing the Right Print and Mail Service

Why You Need a Print and Mail Service

In today’s digital world, many businesses have shifted to online communication. However, there are still situations where physical mail is necessary, like sending important documents, contracts or invoices or violation notices.

This is where a reliable print and mail service comes in.

Using a print and mail service can save you time, money, and resources. Instead of manually printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing documents, you can simply upload them to an online platform and have them printed and mailed on your behalf.

Also, a really good print and mail service ensures that your documents are handled with care and provides reporting and tracking features, giving you insights into your mailing activities,

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Print and Mail Service

Choosing the right print and mail service for your business requires careful consideration. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Types of Mailing Services Offered

The first thing to consider is the types of mailing services offered by the company. Do they offer Certified Mail or is it only First-Class Mail? Do they give you the option to choose different paper types and colors? Make sure the service you choose can handle all of your mailing needs.

Additionally, if you’re a B2B business, you may want to consider a print and mail service that offers bulk mail services. This can save you time and money when sending out large quantities of mail and who wouldn’t want that?

Online Platform Ease of Use

person using iMac for online print and mailing servicesby Austin Distel

The whole point of using a print and mail service is to save time and effort. Which is why it’s so important to choose a service that has an easy-to-use online platform. This includes features such as an intuitive user interface, easy document uploading, and the ability to track your mailings.

An online platform that offers a seamless experience from start to finish can greatly reduce the potential for errors and increase efficiency. Look for a service that provides a dashboard where you can manage your account details, view past transactions, and even track your mailings if you opted in for that.

Turnaround Time

As you know when it comes to mailing important documents, time is of the essence. Make sure the print and mail service you choose has a quick turnaround time. Ideally, they should be able to print and mail your documents within 24-48 hours.

Furthermore, if your business requires expedited services for last-minute mailings, check if the provider offers rush options. Knowing that you can rely on a quick option in urgent situations can be a huge plus when choosing the right service.


Of course, cost is a major factor when choosing a print and mail service. Compare prices between different services and like we mentioned above, consider the types of services offered and turnaround times. Something to ponder is that paying a little extra for a more reliable service may be worth it in the long run.

Oh and one more little note to keep in mind. While evaluating costs, don’t forget to account for hidden fees such as setup charges, minimum order requirements, or cancellation fees. A transparent pricing structure without unexpected costs can help you budget more accurately for your mailing needs.

Security and Privacy

Secure mail envelope
by Mediamodifier (https://unsplash.com/@mediamodifier)

When sending sensitive documents, security and privacy are of utmost importance. Be sure the print and mail service you choose has secure servers and protocols in place to protect your information.

It’s also important to inquire about the company’s data handling policies and whether they comply with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA, depending on your industry. The assurance that your confidential documents are handled with the highest level of security can give you peace of mind with each mailing.

Customer Service and Support

In case of any issues or questions come up, it’s important to have support from your print and mail service. Look for services that offer help whether it’s through phone, email, or a chatbot.

Quality customer service should be knowledgeable and responsive, capable of resolving any concerns swiftly. Make sure to read reviews or testimonials to gauge the service’s reputation for customer support before making your decision.

LetterStream for Printing and Mailing

Ok, so here’s the part where we tell you more about us! As experts in the industry, we’re a popular choice for businesses looking for a user-friendly online platform and quick turnaround times and we’re not just saying that.

Everything we’ve mentioned above with what to look for, we offer! Whether you’re an HOA manager looking to mail out your annual meeting notices, invoices or statements, a lawyer looking to send bulk Certified Mailings, a company needing to send out mass communication about a product recall or someone just wanting to send a single letter to grandma, we’ve got you. And, our online platform is a breeze to use. You can easily upload a job in 2 minutes or less, choose different paper and envelope types and it allows for real-time tracking of your mailings with no signup or monthly fees and no order minimums. You literally just pay for what you want to send.

Oh, and you shouldn’t have any issues when using us but if you do run into any or have questions, we have a very knowledgeable chatbot that is available 24/7 to help you out and of course our awesome customer support team is on hand as well. Not much usually comes up for our customers because we offer the option to pause, stop or shred a job from inside your online portal, but we are here if you need us.

Some more of our benefits include:

  • Amazing speed! 99% of jobs are mailed by next business day, with many mailed the same day we receive it
  • See instant, real-time proof of your mailings
  • Easily add reply envelopes or additional inserts to a mailing
  • Create your mailing anytime, day or night
  • Find any mail piece you ever sent by name or address
  • Certified Mail and FedEx 2Day tracking stored indefinitely in your account
  • Receive an email notification when your job is mailed

We offer a variety of products including First-Class Mail, Certified Mail, FedEx 2Day, Registered Mail, HOA Annual Meeting Notice packets, postcards and more.

Tips for Using a Print and Mail Service

If you’ve decided to use us, great! Either way, once you’ve decided to outsource your print and mail services, there are some tips to keep in mind for making the most out of their services:

Organize Your Documents

Before uploading your documents, make sure they are properly organized. This will save you time and prevent any mistakes during the printing and mailing process.

Proper organization also includes ensuring your documents are formatted correctly and meet any specifications required by the service. Double-check that all files are in the correct format and resolution to avoid any printing issues.

If you create a free LetterStream account then you have access to our free PDF tool, which helps you double-check address placements and errors before uploading your documents.

Double Check Addresses

white Unsplash mail letterby Jonathan Kemper

When sending important documents, it’s crucial to double-check the recipient’s address as any errors in the address could result in the mail being returned to you.

Taking the time to verify addresses can prevent delays and additional costs associated with returned or misdelivered mail. Many print and mail services offer address validation tools, so take advantage of these features to ensure accuracy. To answer your question, of course, LetterStream offers this service. We call it the Address List Cleanup (CASS) tool, which you can learn more about here.

Optimize Printing and Mailing Frequency

To save time and costs, consider optimizing your printing and mailing frequency. Instead of sending one document at a time, batch them together and send them in one mailing. Scheduling regular mailings, such as monthly invoices or quarterly newsletters, can help streamline your operations.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right print and mail service is an important decision for any business. Consider the factors mentioned above and choose a service that best meets your needs and budget. With the right print and mail service, you can save time, money, and resources, and ensure that your important documents are delivered securely and on time.

To learn more about how LetterStream can help you with your print and mail needs, sign up for a free account, with no hidden or monthly fees, here.

LetterStream Attends HOA National CAI Show in Las Vegas

That’s right! LetterStream is back again this year at the HOA National CAI show in Las Vegas on May 8-10, 2024!

We’re excited to see everyone in the homeowners association and property management space and to connect with new faces we haven’t met yet. If you’ll be attending the show be sure to stop by Booth 1005 and say hi!

Easily Send HOA Letters

You might be wondering why LetterStream attends the Annual CAI conference each year. It’s because we assist homeowner associations, HOA property management companies, HOA management companies and homeowners association software companies with sending out bulk mailings.

In fact, we’ve been a leading expert in providing unique printing and mailing solutions in the HOA industry for over 20 years.

Printing and Mailing Solutions

If you’re in the homeowner association industry, here is a list of unique HOA management solutions we offer when it comes to printing and mailing to better communicate with HOA communities and homeowners:

  • statements
  • coupon books
  • annual meeting notices
  • welcome packets
  • violation letters
  • general announcement postcards
  • and whatever else you might need

Our website allows for perfection in job-building every time for the homeowner association management team and our API allows software companies and large management companies to easily automate sending mail. Speaking of, we accept data files from most property management software.

Simply upload your letters and notices into your online portal and we handle the rest!

To learn more about LetterStream can help with your HOA mailing click here and to learn more about the 2024 CAI Annual Conference click here

Now Available! Send Registered Mail Through LetterStream

We’re excited to announce that sending Registered Mail online is now available in your online portal. If you’re a company or someone who is required to send letters internationally with tracking then this product is definitely for you. We’ll dive into what Registered Mail is, the reality of sending letters this way, alternative options and how to access this feature in your account. Let’s dive in!

What is Registered Mail?

If you’re not sure what Registered Mail is here’s a quick overview:

USPS Registered Mail is basically like sending Certified Mail except it’s to international locations. You are supposed to get proof of mailing, a unique tracking code, proof of delivery and a signature confirmation upon delivery.

Now, here’s the thing, it is technically considered to be a more secure process than Certified Mail tracking is. With Registered Mail tracking the sender can potentially get more progress updates than one would if sending a Certified letter. Tracking Registered Mail is considered to be a more in-depth process. A Registered letter can be tracked from the beginning, starting with the person at the USPS Post Office, then to each location it arrives at and when, to its delivery status, delivery confirmation and recipient signature.

Sending A Registered Letter Isn’t For Everyone

With that being said, we want to be completely up-front and transparent about this new product offering. We go more in-depth about it on our blog post here, but the reality behind sending Registered Mail is that it actually isn’t as secure as the USPS claims it to be especially when sending to international addresses. After our part is done it gets sent to the Post Office and then shipped out from there. Once the letter lands in the destination country, a new courier is responsible for delivery. Because of that they may or may not follow the proper protocols and that is beyond our control. 

Something else to keep in mind, the delivery timeframe can take a very long time, the cost is a lot higher (more on those later) and a signature confirmation is also NOT guaranteed.

Again, we’re only stating all of this because we want to make sure you’re aware of what to expect when sending your letters this way.

Ok, now let’s get more into the details of sending a registered letter.

The Pink Slip

Registered Mail pink slip on an envelope of an international letter

If you’ve never heard of a pink slip in the mailing world than let us explain. A Registered letter pink slip is the equivalent of a Certified Mail green card (which is also known as a Return Receipt or an Electronic Return Receipt). The pink slip is placed on the back side of a mailing envelope. It covers the envelope flap to help secure the mailing. The Post Office will also stamp on and around both the pink slip and the envelope flap so that the sender and receiver can see if either has been tampered with. Again, this is not guaranteed but it is essentially what is supposed to take place.

Registered Mail Cost

Let’s briefly talk about price. It’s important to know that the cost of sending a Registered letter is on the higher end, especially compared to sending regular mail. Since Registered Mail is sent internationally, the location changes the cost of sending it. When sending through LetterStream, the price for sending Registered Mail starts at $30 and goes up from there. Not so great, we know.

Delivery Time

Ok, here’s the other not-so-great part. Sending a Registered letter can take a while to get to its destination. Again, this all depends on the location the letter is being sent to but it’s important to note that it can take a long time for a letter to arrive. How long you ask? It can take, on average, 15 days (about 2 weeks) to be delivered but it can also take anywhere from 6-8 weeks (about 2 months). And yes, you did, in fact, read that correctly.

If you have to send a letter internationally then Registered Mail is for you. However, if you’re looking to send a secure letter within the US then USPS Certified Mail is absolutely the way to go.

Access Registered Mail in Your LetterStream Account

To send a Registered letter online through LetterStream, simply login to your online portal (if you’re new you can create a free account here) and click on ”Send Letters.”

On the right-hand side there will be a section called “I would like my mailing sent” and below that you can choose to send your letter as Registered Mail. You can then go through the process of uploading a job to the website and proofing it. From there we handle the rest, including the printing, stuffing and mailing. After your letter is sent you can go back into your account and track the process of it. Keep in mind, that only 15 sheets of paper can be sent in each Registered envelope.

Although Registered Mail is the most obvious choice when you’re required to send mail internationally with tracking, it is important to remember that the process can be more promising than it seems. Unfortunately, tracking, signature confirmation, and delivery are not actually guaranteed. Sometimes the tracking is behind or it doesn’t actually track throughout the entire process. Sometimes you may not actually receive a signature confirmation and like we mentioned above, sometimes it can take a really, really long time to arrive at its destination.

With that said, we don’t recommend using Registered Mail unless it’s an absolute must and, in that case, we’re happy to offer this product to you.

To learn more about Registered Mail click here and to learn more about Certified Mail service with USPS tracking click here.

Everything You Need to Know About Registered Mail vs Certified Mail

We’re excited to announce that we recently launched the option to send Registered Mail from your online LetterStream account. Now we want to be upfront and clear with you when it comes to sending Registered Mail. This product is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not for most people but it is an option to use if you are required to send letters internationally and with tracking included. If that’s not something you need but you want to track your letters, that’s where Certified Mail comes into play and is a much better and cheaper option. Ok, now that we gave you that quick overview, let’s dive a little deeper into each one to compare USPS Registered Mail vs Certified Mail so you can make a more educated decision for yourself. 

Registered Mail vs Certified Mail

Basically, what we just said was that when it comes to mailing important documents, there are two options to securing your mailings using tracking and confirmation of delivery. These options include the United States Postal Service Certified Mail and USPS Registered Mail.

However, there are very key differences between Certified vs Registered Mail and we’re here to help you choose the best fit for your specific needs.

Ok, let’s start with the basics. What is Registered Mail vs what is Certified Mail?

What is Registered Mail?

According to the United States Postal Service, USPS Registered Mail is “the most secure mail service” that they offer. It offers the highest level of security, tracking, and accountability for valuable and sensitive items or information that has to make it to a specific place. You can also send Registered Mail internationally.

Registered Mail tracking is supposed to happen at every stage of the process, providing a secure chain from sender to recipient. It’s supposed to include when it goes from person to person at the post office, to tracking when it is sent off to its destination. It is then tracked when it arrives at the next post office location and then its arrival at the required destination.

The Reality of Sending Registered Mail

Because we like to be transparent with our customers and about our product offerings, it’s important for us to tell you some of the realities about sending a letter as Registered Mail. 

LetterStream does not send Registered Mail domestically (within the US) and that’s where Certified Mail comes into play, but more on that later. We currently only send to international addresses.

Like we mentioned above, Registered Mail tracking is included but it’s really important to know that updated and accurate tracking details are NOT guaranteed. It’s a bummer and we wish it were different but unfortunately, once the letter lands in the destination country, a new courier is responsible for delivery. Because of that they may or may not follow the proper protocols and that is beyond our control. This can also cause a delay in the timeframe of which the letter can believed. And it can sometimes take a really long time…like weeks. Unfortunately, there is one other catch, the signature confirmation is also NOT guaranteed, which is very important to be aware of. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but it’s just the reality.

What is Certified Mail?

Ok so let’s talk about Certified Mail, a product that is a bit more promising for customers. 

USPS Certified Mail is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides a higher level of assurance over First-Class Mail for senders.

Certified Mail offers a mailing receipt that provides proof that the item was mailed, along with verification upon delivery. With Certified Mail you also have the option to add on a Return Receipt, also known as a green card, or an Electronic Return Receipt (ERR), which is where you get a returned signature confirmation sent to you electronically.

Certified Mail is sent only within the US but it is way more reliable than Registered Mail. That’s not to say Certified Mail is a perfect service either when it comes to the USPS delivery of it. We can guarantee your bulk mailings will go out perfectly but once it goes to the post office that part is out of our hands. Sometimes the letters may take a little longer to be delivered than what was anticipated but overall Certified Mail is a reliable service to use. 

Understanding the distinction between Registered Mail and Certified Mail is crucial for effective mail handling. At first glance it may seem like Registered Mail and Certified Mail are essentially the same and to be honest you’re not fully wrong.

Security Levels

Registered Mail is supposed to be like having an armored transport for your mail. provides maximum security, making it ideal for highly sensitive or valuable documents. While going through the postal service in the US, Registered Mail pieces are not left unattended and for added security, they are stamped with a seal to showcase that the letter has not been tampered with. Again, once it leaves the country and ends up in another, the guarantee of security is no longer there. 

On the other hand, Certified Mail offers a standard level of security, suitable for important but less sensitive materials. The process documents when it is mailed and then delivered. For an added fee you can get a signature confirmation in the form of a Return Receipt or Electronic Return Receipt.

Proof of Mailing and Delivery

Like we just mentioned, Certified Mail offers a simple receipt as proof of mailing and delivery confirmation along with an electronic signature confirmation for an add-on. Registered Mail, can take it up a notch with step-by-step documentation that includes postal workers’ signatures throughout and then also a return receipt that includes the recipient’s signature, providing concrete proof of delivery. Just again a reminder, this is not guaranteed.

Tracking Abilities

While both services offer tracking, Registered Mail is supposed to provide more detailed tracking information. Certified Mail tracking technically is not as in-depth (although with the reality of Registered Mail, it actually can be), but we do have an in-depth explanation of it on our blog, here.

Here’s something fun to keep in mind. If you use our website to send letters then you can get Certfied Mail tracking and Registered Mail tracking updates instantly in your online portal whenever updates are made without ever having to type in the tracking number. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Cost of Registered Mail vs Certified Mail

To put it simply, the cost to send Registered Mail is more expensive than Certified Mail, especially when the international fees are included. Again, because we like transparency, sending a Registered letter through us starts at $30 a letter and can go up from there. 

Certified Mail, is a more standard service and is definitely more affordable. Our prices start at $7.34 each. 

Timeframe of Delivery

Certified Mail is typically faster than Registered Mail. Certified Mail takes about the same amount of time as First-Class Mail to be delivered, which on average is about four days. Now keep in mind, that that could change. Read more about that here

Registered Mail, however, can take about 15 days to be delivered and sometimes it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on where it is going. 

To Sum It Up

All-in-all, when choosing between Registered Mail vs. Certified Mail, it really all comes down to your needs, requirements and what works best for you. LetterStream now offers both options to cater to your specific mailing needs. Our services are tailored to ensure your important documents are printed and mailed out on time and with complete security included on our end each and every time.

To send a Certified letter click here. To send a Registered letter click here.

Please note: We don’t recommend using Registered Mail unless you’re required to do so. Tracking, signature, and delivery are not guaranteed. Delivery can take 3-6 weeks, or more, depending on destination country. All of your addresses must be international (outside of the US) and include the country. We cannot send more than 15 sheets of paper.

Can Letters Be Delivered on Saturday Using FedEx 2Day?

Does FedEx deliver on Saturday? Great question. Ok, here’s the short answer. Technically, yes, FedEx 2Day as a product does make Saturday deliveries when sending from a FedEx store. Now there is a little more context that goes into this answer, but we’ll get into that more in a bit. Before we do that, let’s do a quick overview of what FedEx 2Day is.

The Essence and Speed of FedEx 2Day

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you quickly need to send out letters and quickly get them to the recipient then FedEx 2Day will absolutely be able to solve that for you.

The name says it all – FedEx 2Day delivers within two business days, making it a powerhouse of speed, security, and tracking capabilities.

Imagine the convenience: you upload your documents into your LetterStream portal on Monday (by 3 PM MST), and by Wednesday (5 PM local time), they’ve reached their intended destination. The ease of LetterStream’s mail printing service and efficiency combined with FedEx 2Day as a product is like a well-choreographed dance of mail delivery. No queues, no post office visits – just the simplicity of using your computer to send physical letters online.

Cost-Effective Solutions, Reliability & Tracking

Beyond speed, it’s a great cost-effective solution, particularly when dealing with bulk documents. So how much to send a FedEx letter? It’s approximately $14.20, through us, which gets you around 75 standard-sized documents delivered securely in a single FedEx 2Day envelope.

But it’s not just about the cost. FedEx 2Day tracking is offered and provides you with valuable tracking information, proof of mailing, and proof of delivery. It’s not just a service; it’s a commitment to ensuring your letter reaches its destination with the utmost precision and that is something we absolutely love.

FedEx envelopes

Saturday Deliveries

Let’s go more in-depth into the big question around if FedEx delivers on Saturday. Like we mentioned above, yes most locations can absolutely get the convenience of having your letters delivered on a Saturday.

Now, just to make it clear. FedEx 2Day can be delivered on Saturday but LetterStream does not currently offer that as an option.

Technically FedEx 2Day runs Monday-Friday but they do offer the option to choose a Saturday delivery only when sending directly through them. For an extra fee, you can get that option. A little caveat is that the FedEx website states, ” Saturday delivery is also available in certain areas for an additional charge.” It’s important to be mindful that certain locations may not opt-in for Saturday deliveries and to look into the specific location you’re sending to in order to guarantee the letter makes it by Saturday.

After reading through that you may be wondering, “Does FedEx deliver on Sunday?” Unfortunately as of right now, FedEx 2Day does not make deliveries on Sundays.

Sending FedEx 2Day with LetterStream

Now that you’ve been updated on how 2Day works and about delivery days, (remember we don’t currently offer a Saturday delivery option), are you ready to experience the ease of sending FedEx with LetterStream? Our process is super easy and straightforward:

  1. Visit LetterStream’s Homepage: Go to www.LetterStream.com.
  2. Log into Your Account: Access your secure LetterStream account.
  3. Send a Letter(s): Select the “Send Letter(s)” button on the main dashboard.
  4. Create Your Job: Name your job, select the address source, and find the FedEx 2Day option on the right-hand side.
  5. If you don’t see the option, don’t worry. For security reasons, FedEx 2Day is available to users who have been with us for over 90 days. If you have a genuine need and can’t find it, reach out to our support team for assistance.

Discover more about FedEx 2Day with LetterStream here.

LetterStream Offers Print and Mail Services Online

When it comes to your mailing needs, we take care of everything. Simply upload your files, and we handle the printing, insertion, and delivery to USPS or FedEx for mailing. Say goodbye to supply runs and trips to the Post Office or FedEx store.

How to Seed Your Mailing List and Marketing Campaign

In the world of mailing, first impressions are often the most impactful. When sending a letter online the expectation is that your recipient opens their mailbox, retrieves your letter, and takes in its contents. This moment is crucial and we recognize the significance in that. Hence why we’re huge advocates of customers seeding their mailing campaigns a practice that may seem a bit unconventional coming from a printing and mailing company.

What is Seed Mailing?

Seed mailing or a seed mailing list is a simple yet powerful strategy that allows you to monitor the performance of your mailing provider. Essentially, it involves adding your own address or the addresses of friends and colleagues to your USPS mailing list. By doing so, you receive a copy of the mail piece alongside your intended recipients. This simple yet effective strategy offers firsthand insight into how your mailings are handled and delivered.

Benefits of A Seed List

As we mentioned above, we champion for our customers to seed their list, for numerous reasons. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive understanding of your mailing provider’s performance. By witnessing the journey of your mail piece yourself, from creation to delivery, you can assess its quality and efficiency and if it actually makes it to you in general.

Secondly, seeding your mailing list isn’t just about monitoring—it’s also about gaining confidence when sending to your marketing mailing list through USPS First-Class Mail or when sending community announcements for Homeowner Association Mailings, important notices or legal notices sent via Certified Mail. Basically, seeding offers reassurance by confirming delivery. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring accuracy and reliability in your messaging.

Check-In on Speed and Efficiency

Now that we got through all of that, let’s talk about expediting your USPS mailing online using LetterStream. There are several strategies you can use to streamline the process. One approach is to include your own name and address in the CSV file or merged file used for your mailing. This ensures that you receive a copy of the mail piece alongside your recipients. 

A second option would be to utilize a seamless solution we offer in our online platform. When you’re in your account you can simply click the “Add Additional Recipient” button and type in your information to include your address directly. It’s super easy to do, just look at the screenshot below.

Add New Address

Empowering Your Mailing Campaigns

Seeding your mail job isn’t just a precautionary measure for quality control—it’s an opportunity to gain invaluable insights into your communication strategy. By proactively monitoring and optimizing your mailings you can guarantee that each communication is able to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re sending community updates, business announcements, or promotional materials to a mailing list for marketing, seeding empowers you to refine your approach and maximize your impact.

Seed Your Mail With LetterStream

Just remember in the world of communication that will live on, every detail matters. Seeding your mailing campaigns with LetterStream is about empowering your small business or company. By taking proactive steps when you mail letters, you can then take your communication strategy to new heights. So go ahead, embrace the power of seeding, and unlock the full potential of your mailing campaigns with LetterStream.

Get to Know LetterStream’s Pricing to Send a Letter Online

A quality we really pride ourselves in over here at LetterStream is understanding that transparency is a key component when it comes to choosing a solution to print and mail out your letters, along with one that fits seamlessly into your budget.

Recently we received an excellent question from one of our valued customers. They were asking about the monthly and yearly costs associated with our services. Although our pricing is pretty simple, we figured it would be beneficial to break it down a bit more here on the blog for our current customers and potential new customers to help alleviate any confusion.

So, let’s dive into it.

Our Pricing Philosophy: Free Access, Only Pay for Mailings – What?!

We’re extremely proud to offer a straightforward pricing model for our services based on USPS mail prices. If you’re wondering about the price to send a letter through LetterStream, keep on reading.

Our basic services come with zero monthly or annual fees – that’s right, it’s absolutely FREE to access our website and experiment with all the mail-making features.

And no, this isn’t a joke, we promise. You only incur costs when you have a specific mailing job. So, if you don’t send mail in a given month, you won’t pay a dime. It’s really that simple.

Mailing Costs: Affordable and Customizable

Ok, let’s talk about the price of mailing a letter and the costs associated with it. When it comes to printing and mailing online, we keep the costs simple.

For instance, sending a one-page letter printed in black ink on 8.5″ x 11″ and mailed via USPS First-Class Mail starts at $1.13 each. Similarly, if you want to send Certified Mail via the USPS, those start at $7.34. You can also send USPS Certified Mail with an electronic mailing receipt for an added price. If you’re looking for super fast delivery that’s where FedEx 2Day comes into play and starts at only $13.50. We also have cheaper options where you can easily send a postcard that will cost you a mere $.78.

Basically, it’s a pay-as-you-go system, ensuring that you only pay for the mailings you send.

Try Before You Buy

LetterStream logo with the words free acount and everything you need for a print and mail job with a click here button

We encourage you to give our print and mail services a try – for free! Here’s an extra perk we forgot to mention. No credit card is needed to experience the full functionality of our website. It’s so simple to take advantage of our easy-to-use interface, explore the advanced features, and see if LetterStream meets your needs.

We purposefully designed our pricing model with simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Additional Features

Now that we’ve covered our free pricing subscription (again mailing cost and service of sending a job only), let’s dive a little bit deeper. We take pride in offering more than just mailing services. Our platform is equipped with several additional features to enhance your experience when you sign up:

  • Trained AI Chatbot to answer questions 24/7. Although this one is available on our website in the bottom right-hand corner even if you aren’t a member.
  • Traditional help pages and videos are instantly available.
  • Multiple-user access.
  • Various user-access roles.
  • Reporting offered by user, department and job type.
  • Mailing jobs guaranteed to go out on time.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Different types of perforated/perf paper to select from.
  • Return envelope options.
  • Can accommodate all types of jobs, including Fist-Class Mail, Certified Mail, FedEx, Postcards, Registered Mail and Flats.
  • Easy-to-use ‘Search’ feature to find any job or recipient that you’ve mailed to.
  • And, of course, our extreme commitment to excellence to serve our customers.

For an added cost, here are some more advanced options that can be accessed:

  • Load a document of variable page count per recipient and we’ll sort it out for you.
  • Address List Cleanup to help reduce undeliverable mail.
  • Ability to send an email copy in addition to a letter for $0.20.

If you’re visiting us for the first time and want to get in on all the cool features we offer and to help you get your mailings out the door, then comment below for a new customer promo code to get $10 free added to your account to test out sending a letter online.

To learn more about Certified Mail prices, First-Class Mail prices and other services we offer, click here.